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Music Videos

Axis: Sova - "Trend Sets"

Shot this one on a late 80's camcorder.

A classic performance-style video with cool lighting and a rocking song!

Drag City Records

select works shot and edited by Krzys

Jackie Lynn - "Casino Queen"

Retro-vibe music video with a cinematic  opening. A collaboration with artist Haley Fohr (Circuit des Yeux).

Drag City Records

Axis: Sova - "Crystal Predictor"

Channeling a 90's late-night MTV style. Shot on a Canon XL1-S. An average ape man attempts to fill the void.

Drag City Records

In-House Creative

CAVE - "Beaux"

Recorded live to tape, with no overdubs, all in one take. The groove is on lock and the analog VFX are awesome!

Drag City Records

Documentary Short Filmed in Egypt

Archeologists race against time to preserve the ancient past. Scholars, artisans, and artists share their views.

The Oriental Institute

30 Second Pre-Roll Ad (Fundraising)

Sharing patient stories to appeal to donors. A teenage cancer survivor speaks of his experience.

Lurie Children's Hospital

Science News

University students find a way to levitate particles!?! Utilized slow-motion photography for this science news piece.

University of Chicago

Holiday Giving Campaign

Sharing cancer stories, and showing

the impact of philanthropic support.

Lurie Children's Hospital

Medical Journey

A complicated medical story with a positive outcome. Sharing patient stories to illustrate the organization's mission.

Lurie Children's Hospital

Green Screen Interview

Dr. Heard-Garris is a pediatrician and researcher at Lurie Children's who has

been featured on NPR and Sesame Street.

Lurie Children's Hospital

Documentary Short 

These Change Ringers climb a tower to play a 17th century instrument every week. Is it math? Is it art?

University of Chicago

Social Media Short

A piece about community involvement and impact. News-style event capture featuring employees and partners.

Lurie Children's Hospital

Misc Projects

Live Performance

Bubbles Brown performs "Bought & Sold"

at Whiner Brewery's barrel room for a NPR "Tiny Desk" submission video. Shot solo.

NPR Tiny Desk

News-Doc Video at the DNC

The"Undocubus" arrives at the Democratic National Convention. Activists stage a public disturbance.

The Huffington Post

Mission Statement Video

My friends and I worked together to create Connect-the-Dots, an organization that explores social constructs. I'm in this one!


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